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Equipped with a killer strategy, it's time to take your message out into the market place.

Our expert team can devise your marketing campaign and either help you to deliver it (infilling gaps in your own internal marketing resources) – or deliver it for you as a completely outsourced package of fully integrated deliveries. 

WDA offers its automotive clients a wide range of flexible marketing support. Take a look at just a few of our services below:

Social media represents one of the most powerful marketing tools available for your business. With 4.6 billion users worldwide, social networks represent a seismic shift in the way the world communicates. Social media is transforming the way people interact with automotive brands and the relationships they build with them. Effective social media marketing is a must for raising your brand awareness, staying relevant and generating leads and sales through referrals back to your website.

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WDA are experts in devising, running and optimising highly targeted paid campaigns across Google AdWords, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. Paid advertising has a crucial role for most successful businesses and is especially useful for those looking to boost their following and generate immediate traction. Our paid advertising experts know exactly how to get results on each platform.

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Email marketing is fast, affordable, highly effective – a critical marketing channel that continues to be especially successful in building brand loyalty and trust. Apart from being a fantastic way to regularly keep in touch with your audience, email marketing has a wide range of applications: automated nurturing of prospects along their customer journey, converting sales when used to push targeted offers and incentives, or as a follow up to abandoned carts.

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Expertly crafted content attracts, informs and keeps your audience constantly engaged with your brand. Professionally written and fully optimised to rank highly in search engine results, WDA’s automotive digital marketing experts will deliver your message across a huge range of communications. When done right, your content should play a critical role in the customer’s path to purchase.

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Most websites convert traffic at an average of 1-2%. For some, it’s less than that. Even if the conversion rate of your automotive website is within or above the average benchmark, improving on it will have a significant impact on your bottom line. WDA’s specialist team are extremely experienced in Conversion Rate Optimisation and in using tools such as Hotjar and Google Analytics to get the desired results.

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What our clients say

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WDA has given us new insights and inspiration on what could be better with our new website. It's to the point and clear.

Jeroen van Rooij, Marketing Coordinator, HaynesPro Group​

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I'm pleased to say that we've seen a gradual increase in sales since you started. In fact, Rimblades experienced their best ever 3 months of retail sales on engaging WDA, and were 20% up year on year.

Darren Bowden, Rimblades

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