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Social media marketing, no matter your industry, should be an essential component of your marketing plan.

People spend an average of 2 hours 25 minutes on social media every day, which means they spend more time on social media than watching TV. Using social media offers a superb opportunity to get your brand and business in front of a highly active and engaged audience. It also provides a great platform to connect with existing customers and build relationships. In the competitive automotive marketplace, social is a must for raising brand awareness, staying relevant and generating leads through referrals back to your website. Also, as a bonus – Google incorporates social media signals into its ranking algorithm so they often have a positive impact on organic search results.

Authenticity and relevance are key to creating compelling social media content in a specialist market sector. If your agency doesn’t know its accessories from its hard parts or GT’s from its Drift, then what chance do they have of talking your audience’s language on social media?

Whilst doing it yourself might seem appealing, most automotive brands without a dedicated in-house social marketer now realise that it’s often a false economy to take people off their focussed role to invest time and money into something which they may not do very well. Your social media marketing actions may not yield meaningful results – in fact, they may even damage your brand. Social media KPI’s are often based around new followers or post likes, but unfortunately it’s a little more complex than that. Are these followers quality prospects or people who can influence your audience? Who is liking your posts and why? Are these engagements positively positioning your brand and conveying a tactical message as part of a wider integrated strategy? Are these people genuinely in the sales funnel? Will their engagement ultimately result in conversions?

Delivering an effective automotive social media campaign takes time and focus, and it requires a whole range of skills from creative copywriting and image processing to marketing and planning. WDA’s specialist team brings together all these skills, allowing you and your team to focus on your business.

The main benefits of a powerful paid social media advertising campaign are granular targeting, increased awareness, a great engagement rate and very low costs when compared to other forms of paid advertising. Facebook, in particular, allows you to target users at a highly specific level. This means that the audience your ads will be shown to are likely to be more relevant and there will be more chance of them interacting. Of course, return on investment is crucial and with social media advertising tracking is straightforward – we’ll know which ads converted, how much we spent to achieve a conversion and more. Once we’ve optimised the paid campaign to yield as much profit as possible, the more money you put in, the more you will get out.

When it comes to social media, probably the number one thing we get asked is about tracking and ROI. Clients are sometimes unsure about the value of investment in social media, but the reality is that social actually has the reach to deliver throughout the whole customer journey – from paid social media advertising, which is effective for direct revenue-driving campaigns, to more organic brand and product awareness messaging which works much higher up the purchasing funnel. Both can be tracked and measured, one right through to a sale on your website for example, the other by analysing engagement and brand sentiment. The key thing with social media is having an outcome in mind. If you do, WDA can build the appropriate strategy to ensure social marketing meets your expectations and represents a profitable activity for you and your brand.

WDA has an experienced digital team with a passion for the automotive sector. We are here to help with a complete turnkey solution, or assist with specific areas where you’re looking for additional support. This could be social strategy, content creation, influencer outreach, campaign creation and more.

However you prefer to work, our social media specialists will help you plan and deliver a successful automotive social media campaign that generates engagement and drives leads. As we’re an agency totally embedded within the industry, you won’t have to worry too much about sending us content or prompting us to do things; the team is highly proactive. We’ll also keep you fully in the loop with a user-friendly analytics report each month – and we won’t blind you with science; if you’re not sure what the stats mean we’re more than happy to take you through everything in layman’s terms to ensure you fully understand what’s worked and feel confident about making informed decisions for the future.

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Great news all! We have won a SEMA Global Media Award!!!! Great effort team as you have all helped us pull SEMA together - BIG THUMBS UP!

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Very professional, knowledgeable and easy to get on with.

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