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Email is a critical marketing tactic for the majority of WDA’s clients across both B2B and B2C, and one proven to be especially effective in building brand loyalty and trust.

However, gone are the days of mass blanket campaigns sent to contact email lists or databases of buyers. For email marketing to achieve cut-through today, it has to be driven by a sound email marketing strategy. Message, creative and best practice should all come together to create a timely, engaging and highly targeted communication – designed to get the desired response.

Automotive businesses are often selling products or services which represent either an infrequent or considered purchase for their audience – often both. Email marketing is a fantastic way to nurture this audience by building interest and desire over a period of time and to ensure your brand is visible when the customer is ready to buy – which often takes a surprising number of interactions. Many e-commerce clients rely heavily on email for their retention business, keeping in touch with existing satisfied customers by sending news, new product information, incentives and promotions.

To devise an effective automotive email marketing strategy, we first have to start with your goals. What are you aiming to achieve with your email marketing? What do you want prospects or customers to feel, think or do? Once we have answered those questions we can work on developing a fully tailored solution to suit your business. Depending on the brief, it might be as simple as sending out a monthly promotional email to a particular segment of your database or it might be much more complex and involve marketing automation.

Email marketing automation is a way of completely automating your automotive email marketing. It involves creating strategic workflows that trigger emails based on specific actions your contacts take. Email marketing automation requires quite a lot of initial set-up work and ongoing testing and refinements. However, when done right it can both be very powerful and make your life a whole lot easier!

While the GDPR has forced lots of businesses to lose significant amounts of customer data, it’s essential that all of your data is organic and that your contacts have ‘opted-in’, because these records represent the people who are most engaged with your brand.

If you don’t have an existing database consisting of a well-maintained list of fully opted-in contacts, then you should start to build one out – and we can help show you how. WDA are experts in lead generation and are here to help you create a killer lead generation strategy so that you can establish a good prospect database – fast.

WDA’s creative team can create original and impactful email templates which are designed to get you noticed and ultimately drive enquiries and sales. All templates are produced around industry research and best practice to optimise open and click-through rates, and are built and tested by our in-house developers.

By testing and refining a range of layouts, designs, subject lines and calls to action, we can optimise the effectiveness of your campaigns over time and ensure they keep getting better and better. Most email service providers deliver great stats and reports that some clients are happy to review themselves. If not, WDA can jump in and help you understand the numbers, or even report back with the key metrics and supply a top line performance summary and recommendations.

We like to think our industry experience and passion for the automotive sector sets us apart from other agencies. If you choose us to deliver an automotive email marketing solution, you’ll not only get an expert marketing team who knows how to achieve goals but you’ll also be working with people with a genuine passion for the industry and a deep understanding of what drives business within it.

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We have worked with WDA on a number of projects and always found them great at new ideas. Not only do they think with imagination, they also see every project through to its end. They are very polite and professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for marketing strategy.

Marketing Director, Jewelultra (Diamondbrite)

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WDA have a real ability to combine an astute commercial understanding of what our product and market is about, with highly imaginative and original development of unique, powerful creative ideas and concepts.

Andrew Lloyd, MD Samco Sport

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