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WDA is the award-winning automotive branding agency behind some of the automotive sector's best loved brands, from Continental Tyres, M-Sport and Scorpion Exhausts to Yamaha, Revo and MER.

WDA builds brilliant automotive brands through a combination of creative thinking, strategic marketing and engaging communications. We devise new brands, develop and promote existing brands, and protect established ones.

If the brand already exists, like with our client Yamaha, we’ll properly protect and leverage it; if it needs rediscovering, as with our MER re-brand, we’ll help bring it back to the fore; and if it doesn’t exist, like Scorpion Exhausts, we’ll create it. Only then will we take your message to market using a fully integrated range of digital marketing tactics delivered by an expert team – always with a focus on maximising the return on your marketing investment.

Does your automotive branding clearly position your business? Does it give real standout in the marketplace? Does it convey how you’re different from your competition? And does it give your customers reasons to buy from you that they can’t get elsewhere? An effective automotive branding strategy should sit at the heart of your marketing activities, because it directly drives business. Which is why it’s something we always try and get a good handle on before taking a clients’ message to market.

Effective brand positioning is the foundation of any effective branding strategy. It’s a must, because your positioning is how you differentiate yourself from your rivals within your competitive marketplace. It’s all about uncovering the very essence of your brand, its purpose, why it exists – and why your customers should care.

A strong and impactful brand visual identity will help you achieve stand-out and boost audience recall. It will also help to successfully communicate the core essence of your brand and how your business is positioned.

WDA’s award-winning creative team can devise a cohesive visual branding solution, designed to work across all of your marketing channels. We can also produce brand guidelines to ensure that all stakeholders within your business fully understand and engage with your brand, and that all marketing partners are able to control and maintain consistent communications. Often viewed as just a functional reference document for marketers and designers, brand guidelines can be given a creative twist to become a much more inspirational document that helps your partners to not only stay ‘on brand’ but to become really enthused and excited by it!

Content creators now have more opportunities to get their message out there than ever before. From podcasts and video to landing pages, e-shots and print literature – there are so many different content formats that it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. WDA can help show you which will work better for your brand, allowing you to reach more of your audience, faster, and more cost effectively.

For over 20 years WDA has been highly active within the automotive sector. We participate in all the key shows (both B2C and trade), liaise daily with the automotive media and interact with all the major industry associations. At the weekends we’re represented track side either supporting clients – or simply enjoying the action. This total immersion within the market allows WDA to keep abreast of consumer trends and rely on insights which give our client brands a distinct competitive advantage.

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