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Effective branding isn’t about changing your logo! It is about positively influencing your audience and driving sales.

Your brand is much more than its tangible elements (your name and visual identity, including the logo). It’s more about the intangible elements – your brand’s promise and purpose, the consistency of its communication and tone of voice, how you connect emotionally with your audience, and how your proposition is differentiated from that on offer from your competition.

Together with your competitive brand positioning strategy, your automotive brand strategy is effectively the essence of what you represent. This helps you communicate and engage more effectively with your target audience, and should be built into every interaction you have with your prospects and customers.

An effective automotive brand strategy combines all the critical ingredients into an actionable plan which outlines the specific goals to be achieved as a result of successfully developing your brand over time. Your brand strategy is a critical plan which is relevant for all stakeholders within your business and is directly connected to your customers needs and emotions, and your competitive environment.

The right brand strategy drives business because your customers will know exactly what you deliver. It’s also easier to engage with new prospects because they will quickly understand what you stand for. Those prospects are converted into customers faster because their experience with you supports everything you say. In many cases, you can also charge a premium – your market knows why you’re better and is willing to pay for it.

WDA have devised winning brand strategies for hundreds of automotive clients across multiple sectors. As automotive sector experts, we will get to grips with your brand faster and create a strategy designed to put you firmly ahead of your competition. Just as we did with client MSS who we took from a blank sheet of paper to Global Media Award at SEMA – in just 3 months.

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I have to say the brand WDA created is the best investment we’ve made in a long time. The new Scorpion brand has been very well received across all our global markets and we want to do more next year to maintain the momentum.

CEO, Scorpion Exhausts

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WDA have a real ability to combine an astute commercial understanding of what our product and market is about, with highly imaginative and original development of unique, powerful creative ideas and concepts.

Andrew Lloyd, MD Samco Sport

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