WDA entrusted with new Yamaha campaign to drive sales of their amazing NMax scooter.

Whilst entry level in price the NMax is very much premium in quality with many sector-leading features like ABS. Having scooped MCN’s best scooter accolade, Yamaha definitely didn’t want this exciting machine to be overlooked, especially when compared against the ‘market leader’ (by sales) which it arguably out-performs – and at a lower price. The campaign was created to actively draw comparison. We wanted to encourage customers to give NMax a second look and compare features; at the same time promoting affordability and the award winning message.

Having devised many successful scooter campaigns over the years – from Insurance to tyres to exhausts – WDA knew this audience is notoriously difficult to communicate with, chiefly because people ride scooters for a whole host of diverse reasons, from cost, to convenience, to environmental benefits and license restrictions.

Switch-selling our audience

Apart from the challenge of engaging with everyone in one communication, media choice is also tricky, since the audience consumes a whole range of different media. WDA suggested the best strategy would be to put our irresistible proposition in front of the rider close to the point of purchase, by targeting online sites such as MCN, Autotrader and eBay. These sites are typically used by potential buyers to help finalise a purchase decision and our strategy was to make them aware of and ultimately switch-sell them on our (superior) option.

WDA created a full range of online digital executions which were strategically placed to put our proposition in front of riders ‘ready to buy’. We also targeted specific key word searches to create awareness amongst those who were not actively looking for NMax but who we felt might be persuaded by the better offer.

The Yamaha success story rolls on…!

The NMax Yamaha campaign spearheads Yamaha’s drive for dominance within the scooter market, and is part of a success story that has seen a total transformation of the brand’s fortunes across all sectors of the motorcycle market globally. WDA are also incredibly proud to continue to support Yamaha’s brilliant ‘Dark Side’ tour promoting their revolutionary MT range.

If you are winging it a little with your digital campaigns, then get in touch! and we’ll show you how to max-out the return on your media investment.

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