WDA are proud to announce our rebrand of a motorsport giant is starting to pay dividends as the new brand positioning and brand visual identity we created starts to roll out across multiple marketing touch points.

SamcoSport is the world leader in high performance silicone hoses, having been the number one choice for serious motorsport teams, tuners and modifiers for over a decade. Its range of 2 and 4 wheel replacement hose kits, race parts and accessories being simply second to none.

However, in recent years, the market has become flooded with low grade hose product, lots made in China down to a very low headline price point. WDA were called in to help Samco reaffirm its premium position within the market and educate our audiences (both trade and consumer) as to its clear product quality advantages.

WDA suggested that product was only part of the story. Samco has a truly remarkable heritage having supplied and partnered Formula One, WRC, World Superbike’s, Road Racing and World MX, including sponsorship of the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) Ricky Carmichael, to name but a few. We wanted to ensure there was a strong emotive component to our solution which fully leveraged these ‘winning ways’.


As well as shouting about market-leading technology and product quality we wanted to take the customer on an emotional journey too. We have done this by introducing a distinctive and emotive new brand positioning which distinctively re-enforces what sets Samco apart from its competition whilst seeking to connect physical product with emotive brand experience.


The new brand positioning ‘Connect to Victory” defines the unique emotional feelings about the Samco brand (the Brand Experience) that customers can believe in and relate to in addition to the superior material quality, engineering know-how, manufacturing excellence and functional performance benefits of the products. Our message is simple: “When you connect to Samco, you are not just connecting to any silicone hose; you’re CONNECTING TO VICTORY!

This concept is unique to Samco and means customers investing in the brand can ‘tap into’ and directly (emotionally) benefit from all that winning heritage. The flexible brand platform we have created defines a complete framework for communications that will allow us to consistently communicate and build the brand in the future.

Along with the rebrand / positioning and Visual ID (including comprehensive brand guidelines), WDA is helping Samco take the new proposition out into the market place. We have created branded apparel, new packaging, an advertising campaign (and multiple executions both 2 and 4 wheel) along with a host of other collateral for both trade and consumer markets. We are currently developing a brand new website which we hope to reveal very soon.

WDA Managing Director Lee Waterhouse:

“It’s great to see the Samco rebrand project coming to life. As with most rebrand projects we deliver it’s always massively rewarding to see how energised a clients business becomes – both internally from the top down, but also the trade network and of course the customer.

We are incredibly proud to be the agency responsible for ‘NEW SAMCO’. As well as being global industry leaders, Samco are an incredibly authentic business; pioneers who are driving innovation and championing British manufacturing. These guys do things right and its a pleasure to work for such a quality driven client.”

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