Launched this summer, ‘Powerful World’ is the latest high-impact Scorpion exhausts campaign. Part of Scorpion’s long term strategy to reinforce its unique brand advantage within the fast moving aftermarket sector, the campaign is currently rolling out to a fantastic reception across the company’s global markets.

“Scorpion’s audience by definition have an insatiable appetite for the next big thing.” Says WDA’s Lee Waterhouse. “Therefore it’s critical that the brand remains fresh and relevant at the forefront of the customers mind and to avoid being seen as standing still or worse stagnating.

“‘Powerful World’ works for Scorpion as both a new and exciting marketing campaign on one level, but also continues to build Scorpion’s brand advantage; whilst at the same time solving some of the practical challenges the company has experienced in executing campaigns over the years.”

An easier, less expensive and more engaging solution!

One of the big challenges for automotive aftermarket brands is choosing which vehicles to feature in their campaigns. Scorpion is no exception, and whilst they are very active within certain niche markets, the choice of which specific manufacturer, model and year to represent within marketing campaigns is difficult for two reasons: Firstly, enthusiasts can be very sensitive to subtle differences between even the same vehicles, and don’t feel as engaged when the vehicle featured is nothing like theirs, or the ones they aspire to own. Secondly are the practicalities, logistics and expense of sourcing and organising the photography of specific vehicles – which depending on art direction may all require shooting at the same time. With the new ‘Powerful World’ campaign we have side-stepped all these issues, by taking the focus OFF the vehicle (and specific product) and putting it ONTO the whole cohesive ‘Scorpion proposition’.

A highly flexible campaign platform.

Whilst the campaign currently features emotive benefits directly linked to the product, the platform allows us to activate virtually any targeted communication. By exploring the ‘Scorpion world’ and changing the imagery we can link to heritage, nostalgia, events, announcements, shows, motorsport success – the possibilities are endless.

Scorpion CEO Shaun Leonard:

“Two things happened after showing our team the new campaign.” said Shaun:  “Firstly, the image captured their train of thought for far longer due to the fact that they wanted to view in detail the montage imagery –  and secondly the campaign evoked lot’s of idea’!

“I really feel that in communicating the message of how the brand makes you feel that it could be the best thing WDA has ever created for Scorpion. Good job.”

Running on Red Power.

The  campaign serves to further reinforce Scorpion’s enviable reputation as the true enthusiasts brand by continuing to develop and leverage its Red Power positioning. Created by WDA, ‘Red Power’ represents all the emotive benefits of Scorpion – a core brand advantage which helps both define and ring-fence what the company stands for; and truly differentiate it within its competitive marketplace.

Having such a strong brand directly drives consumer demand and in turn sales. Strategically, it also creates the potential for Scorpion to diversify and enter new markets, as the consumer is buying into the brand – not just the exhaust products.

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