WDA launch Metzeler Dealer Campaign

WDA launch Metzeler Dealer Campaign to promote its MCN tyre test winning ’Tec products, comprising digital advertising, and various in-store promotional materials.

WDA have been involved with the amazing ‘Tec range since 2004 when we were commissioned by parent company Pirelli to deliver a strategic repositioning of the Metzeler brand in the UK as a pilot for the rest if the world. ‘Tec was the flagship new range which spearheaded that initiative. The objective was to create clearer differentiation between Metzeler and Pirelli brands to avoid potential market cannibalisation due to the development of an influx of new Metzeler product across new segments. The process involved WDA mapping out two very different ‘worlds’ for the two brands to inhabit, effectively defining the brand DNA for Metzeler, which has been leveraged and developed through the many tactical campaigns we have created to date. This process has both expedited subsequent marketing activities (as Metzeler now has a very clear brand blueprint to follow), whilst at the same time serving to reinforce the brand positioning.

WDA’s Lee Waterhouse:

“It’s always been a pleasure working with Pirelli’s brands. Our automotive specialism means we are able to take a lot of the hassle away from their busy marketing team. WDA know the product, audience and can usually just get on with it, without lots of hand-holding. WDA have supported Pirelli across pretty much all areas of the business – 2 to 4 wheels, B2B, B2C…and a whole range of different marketing support.

One project in particular saw us shoot a ‘Tec Calendar featuring £millions of pounds of weird and wonderful vehicles from 8 litre V8 American pick-ups (thanks Jonny Towers!), to Bowler Paris Dakar trucks, to special championship winning bikes from BSB, WEC and MX. We even had Niall Mackenzie’s cherished RD250’s in the studio; plus a certain Metzeler employee’s Harley Davidson which ended up the subject of quite an eye opening ‘out-take’ photograph which is still on archive somewhere… I will save the individuals blushes as he’s now one of the top brass within the Company!”

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