Positioning Revo’s Driven Attitude

The Approach

Revo commissioned WDA Automotive Marketing as one of the UK’s leading Automotive Marketing Agencies to bring their brand in to line with their enviable reputation amongst enthusiasts as the sector leading UK tuning experts. Our in-depth automotive market understanding enabled us to start with the customer front-of-mind. With the Revo management team focussed on the realisation that Revo customers are defined by their ‘driven’ attitude we were able to shift the positioning from a focus on an easily copied ‘performance advantage’ to a complete ‘lifestyle experience’.

Our brand strategy and market repositioning; ‘Only the Driven’ encapsulates the common thread that sets Revo apart in a competitive marketplace, ‘Only the Driven’ understand the need to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The imposing new identity gives the brand focus on future brand developments and allows Revo to avoid ‘price’ being the only perceived product differentiator.

Positioning Revo’s Driven Attitude Automotive Marketing Project
Positioning Revo’s Driven Attitude Automotive Marketing Project



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