New battery-powered AC Cobra Series 4-electric has been launched

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This is the new AC Cobra 4-electric – a wild battery-powered version of the brand’s icon that trades supercharged V8 power for battery electric running. It’s available to order now with prices starting from £148,000.

Based on the wider AC Cobra 378 Superblower’s body, rather than the narrower Series 1 Cobra AC Cars also offers, the Norfolk-based car-maker says it teamed up with Derby located EV experts, Falcon Electric, to develop a powertrain fitting for the fearsome 1960s sports car.

AC relaunches the Cobra with an all-electric powertrain Two versions of the battery-powered roadster will be offered. One with a single 308bhp motor that enables the electric Cobra to sprint from 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds and cover up to 190 miles between top-ups and one with a substantially more powerful dual-motor setup that produces 617bhp.

The latter costs £168,000 but sees the plug-in AC achieve a 0-62mph dash in just 3.8 seconds – although the more powerful of the two electric Cobras can only drive up to 160 miles between recharges.

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