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Google AdWords is a huge part of most automotive digital marketing strategies today – increasing brand awareness, driving traffic and driving leads or sales. However, there are many businesses that are simply throwing money away on ad spend, oftentimes due to basic errors or settings that can easily be rectified. If you want to get more from your existing Google Ads campaigns then check out our “FAST 5” actionable Google AdWords tips below…

Location: All too often we see campaigns that are using location targeting incorrectly. Many automotive businesses will have location settings set to show ads to people in or interested in your target location. This should be changed to show ads to people that are in your target location.

Search Partners: This is for Search Ads specifically. Google will recommend that you include Search Partners as part of your campaign settings. While expanding the reach of your ads may sound great, it doesn’t necessarily mean performance will be better. We’d recommend always starting off with Search only and try testing the addition of Search Partners later down the line.

Landing Pages: Your ad landing pages need to be as specific as possible. If you’re talking about exhausts for example then link to your exhausts page instead of your home page. While this seems quite basic, you’d be surprised at the amount of AdWords accounts we’ve audited and reviewed that are simply sending all ads to the home page of their website.

Optimisation: Don’t just set up your Google Ads and let them run. Make regular changes on a weekly basis – adding new negative keywords, updating bids where relevant, testing new ad copy, changing ad extensions, implementing bid adjustments etc.

Test: As with most marketing activities – test, test and test again. Test new ads, keywords, campaign types, audiences and more!

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