5 Quick Automotive Advertising Ideas outside of PPC and Paid Social

automotive advertising ideas

When it comes to paid advertising, many of the automotive brands we speak to usually only consider and think about either Google Ads or Paid Social Media (predominantly Facebook and Instagram). However, there’s a whole host of other paid advertising opportunities out there that automotive brands can AND should be taking advantage of. Here are 5 quick paid advertising ideas.

Native Content Ads: Using platforms such as Outbrain and Taboola, Native Ads function similarly to advertorials and look as though they’re supposed to be there.

Forum Ads: There are an abundance of quality automotive forums out there that offer spaces on their website where you can place an Ad – usually on high traffic volume pages. There’s also Reddit Ads which we’d include under this category.

Podcast Ads: According to Edison Research, 54% of podcast consumers say that they are more likely to consider the brands they hear advertised on podcasts. Why not give it a try? It’s probably best suited to B2C automotive brands and tracking can be done simply using a custom discount code or landing page.

Quora Ads: Over 300 million people use Quora each month to find answers to their questions. The audience on Quora is extremely valuable with 37% more likely to be a manager and 54% more likely to report an annual household income that is greater than $100K. Ads can be launched in minutes with just two lines of text and a landing page.

Sponsored Emails: Large automotive news websites / blogs such as AM-Online offer a range of advertising opportunities for brands. One of these is sponsored emails. This enables you to effectively buy advertising space within a relevant email sent by the publisher to their audience.

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