Based in London, Signature is the vision of entrepreneur (and all-round great guy!) Dee Bhatia.

Dee’s concept was to create a prestige car hire business like no other and realised that effective branding and marketing was critical in giving Signature the edge within an increasingly competitive arena.

Post recession, prestige car hire had started to become commoditised with stock either sub hired or part-owned by consortiums of hire companies, often operating from faceless storage units on industrial estates, with little or no customer service advantages. All this took away the exclusivity, and actively encouraged customers to buy on price.

With a clear opportunity to build Signature into a desirable brand, WDA set about positioning the business around the tangible benefits offered by Signature. Dee was already doing lots of things differently. Unlike the competition all cars were current, wholly owned and professionally stabled within an exclusive ‘experience centre’ in London; a far cry from the ‘lock-ups’ used by others. All vehicles were also ‘ready to hire’ at all times – expertly serviced and maintained entirely in-house.

However the thing which really stood out was the company’s commitment to customer service. Dee’s philosophy was simple – to treat every hire customer even better than if they were actually buying the vehicle. Attention to detail was key. In addition to positioning and visual identity, WDA helped create a suite of complimentary branded gifts, personalised newsletters, loyalty programmes and VIP customer events, all unique within the industry.

WDA are proud to have helped Dee create a modern, iconic luxury brand which continues to out-perform the market thanks to a truly enviable competitive brand advantage.

Branding and marketing have not only played an instrumental part in creating a leading global force within prestige car hire – the brand platform we have created has today allowed diversification into weddings, chauffeuring and concierge, jet charter and even fine wines!

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