Tom Birch joins our growing team

We’re pleased to welcome a new addition to our growing team. 

Tom Birch is a versatile young designer and creative thinker. His unique skills will complement the studio’s established innovational portfolio. Tom has a passion for Branding, Layout and Typography with an artistic eye and an affinity for writing. 

What is your background?

“I studied Fine Art at Loughborough University specialising in conceptual art and essays with long words. Since graduating I have continued my passion for concept and composition into my career as a Graphic Designer. My background in Fine Arts has proven to be a unique and indispensable asset when it comes to the visualisation and arrangement of an idea. I cut my teeth gaining experience with local agencies, most recently at Derby based agency Revolver Revolver working on a breadth of exciting commercial projects.”

What are you bringing to the team at WDA? 

“Creative thinking and a left-field approach to idea generation, alongside practical design skills and illustration. I have an enthusiasm for innovative concept driven design and cannot wait to work alongside the excellent team at WDA. I’m looking forward to putting my art degree skills to the test as we re-decorate the studio.”

What’s your favourite typeface?

“Cera. A strong geometric font, 2015’s answer to the often over-used Futura.”

 If you weren’t in the design industry, what would you be doing?

“If I had to reluctantly give up my life in design I’d be running a restaurant somewhere warm making a distinctly average tagine.”

If you could speak another language, what would it be? 

“Thai, mainly to surprise the locals on my travels.”

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