British Grand Prix Legend BRM Making A Comeback!

Another legendary British name from the world of Formula 1 is making a comeback with a limited run of recreation machines.

Fresh of the heels of the announcement that Vanwall, the first team to win F1’s Constructors’ championship, is building six continuation cars, BRM is now rolling out its own handful of ‘new’ old machines.

BRM’s continuation cars will be based on its famous Type 15 Mk1 V16, a car regarded by many as one of the finest sounding Grand Prix cars of all time.

The first completed example will go to the Owen family. John Owen, son of BRM team principal Sir Alfred Owen, was just 10 when he first heard the V16’s unique engine note. Now aged 81, he will get to fulfill a long-held ambition to see and hear the famous V16 once again.

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Image credit: Motor1

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