Another Flat Month For Car Logotypes™

Automotive rebranding for KIAKia UK is the latest manufacturer to reveal a new ‘flat’ logotype. I posted on Linkedin recently here about the trend for ‘flat design’ within our market. A minimalistic approach, flat design features open spaces, crisp edges, bright colours and 2D illustrations – a big departure from the skeuomorphic design treatments utilised by most manufacturers prior. The logo was featured on the ‘Imagine by Kia’ EV concept car (shown), and will roll out across all models in 2021.

Kia old and new logo design As shown in the prior post, most manufacturers have simply flattened their existing logos, whilst Kia have opted for a far more radical design treatment.

My thoughts? I like it. However, the existing logo is very dated, so part of that statement is contextual. I’m pleased the serif font and oval are gone, and the new logo certainly looks contemporary and stylish.

If I were to be hyper critical I’d say I’m not convinced its linked strongly enough to the existing logotype. Whilst certainly a bold departure I’m also not sure how distinctive the new logotype is. I also think legibility could be better (is it ‘KLI’.. or ‘KN’?). As I say ‘hyper critical’ – I LIKE it and can’t wait to see it adorning the ever impressive range. What do YOU think?


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