Why Written Content Remains KING

Why Written Content Remains King by Louis Jones

Unconventionally, I’m going to start by saying how much automotive YouTube content I consume, because frankly, it’s a lot. I love it. But I also understand the time, effort and (let’s be honest) money it takes to produce a bloody good vlog. I don’t have Hoonigan’s budget, sadly, and I’m certainly not as entertaining (nor could I pluck up the courage to shout at the camera like a maniac in public – fair play Zac Mertens).

What I do have, like many of us, is a desk job and an iPhone. Those of you perched behind a screen right now – I bet you’ve spent a few minutes catching up on your favourite car/bike/news site, whatever it may be. Heck, you’re reading this…

I’d also wager you’ve had an e-mail or two with an update from Caffeine & Machine, Bolt of London or GQ and the like. Why? Written content is very much still alive and kicking.

Yes, isn’t TikTok cool, but is that where your audience consumes content? I’m knocking 40, but I’m a little immature, which means I still use Facebook and watch clips of people falling over and cars bumping into things. Is that the right platform to promote your business to me? It honestly depends on what you’re selling. Knitwear seems to feature heavily in my feed… perhaps the algorithm knows that anyone still watching Failarmy is over the hill and needs a warm cuddle in October.

I digress.

The content I consume the most, without really realising it, is email, social and blog based. It’s all written. It still has such a hugely relevant place, especially in the automotive world. There are 4 very good reasons for this:

  • It’s cheap

I’ve let the cat out of the bag early. Writing a blog is going to either cost you a few hours of your time (if you have the skill and inclination) or a couple of hundred quid. You try filming and editing a half-decent vlog for that.

  • It’s accessible

It’s unlikely I’m going to start blaring out the latest ramblings from Shmee in my open-plan office, or even whilst I’m having that special sit-down time before leaving the house, but I might stumble across a well-written bit of copy on Evo.

  • It’s great for SEO

Google loves unique informative content. Unique is the important word – if you’ve done a cheeky copy and paste, how does Google know who to rank first? You both lose and you look a bit naughty nicking someone else’s words.

If you’ve written (or had written for you, wink wink) a good blog which adds value, engages the reader AND is unique to your website, everyone’s a winner. You’ve inadvertently positioned yourself as the expert in that field, too. Awesome if you’ve written about the benefits of winter tyres and just happen to have a sale on that very item…

  • I’ll probably have a poke around the rest of your website

Not only does an e-shot or blog post inherently carry your branding, but if I’m interested in the content I’m quite likely to go for a little wander around the rest of your website. It doesn’t have to be more blog content either; Imagine I’ve Googled ‘how to replace a Range Rover fuel pump’ (because the bloody thing definitely isn’t broken again) and found your blog on that exact topic. Lo and behold, you have three pumps for me to choose from and buy too, AND there’s a fitting centre nearby so I don’t have to swear a lot trying to fit it myself.

Written content is still king, and I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future. Keep it relevant and keep it interesting, it’s that simple. Know your audience, know where they consume it (whether they realise it or not) and make the most of your marketing budget.

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