WDA Gives Metzeler Helping Hand at Brands!

WDA were pleased to have supported Metzeler at their recent BRANDS track day. The day was created as part of an ongoing programme of events for Metzeler customers; with the objective of bringing added value to the brand. Over 200 Metzeler bikers were invited, and all were able to get out on track, enjoy some great hospitality, talk to Metzeler staff; and win prizes supplied by Metzeler and a host of supporting Companies. WDA sponsored the day with promotional literature, and also created an opportunity for other WDA client’s to become involved by exhibiting their products and associating their brands with Metzeler. Creating synergies between clients where there is a brand fit and no conflicting interests is something WDA are very keen to promote as it is a real benefit which non specialist agencies cannot offer. Thanks to everyone who made the day such a success!


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