WDA and MER smash targets at Goodwood – and raise £1200.00 for Disabled Motorists UK to boot!

Goodwood Festival of Speed 11-14th July 2013

For the past couple of months WDA have been busy working alongside MER Auto Shine Technologie, gearing up for their first official public outing since the re-brand at Goodwood’s prestigious Festival of Speed.

50% More visitors

Weʼre pleased to say the event was a massive success, with 50% more visitors to the MER stand than in 2012, which resulted in more exposure to the new brand, its range of new products and of course, more sales too.

When we first began the project, WDAʼs task was to create an exhibition stand, which not only displayed the MER products but also created a buzz about the brand. We needed something, which got people excited and talking about MER. We already had the fantastic GT3 Porsche to be polished and cleaned, but since this year was the 50th Anniversary of the Porsche we knew Goodwood would be swamped with them, we needed something more, something fun and interactive.

A Race to the Perfect Finish!

So we came up with The MER Scalextric Challenge. The idea was to have a custom built Scalextric track on the stand so that our visitors could compete with one another and win some great prizes courtesy of both Scalextric and MER. Based on our ‘perfect finishʼ advertising campaign slogan we invited show goers to ‘Race to the Perfect Finish’. We created a Top Gear style ʻLeader Boardʼ and even a winners podium, so participants could pose in front of the MER backdrop and share their success by publishing their photographs on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels – getting a great viral effect and further promoting the brand.

As predicted, Scalextric proved ever popular with all ages (in fact the competitive dads were even more enthusiastic than the kids!) On the first day the stand was busy  8 oʼclock in the morning. On the remaining three days as word got around the crowds were even more eager as a hive of activity was starting to form from 7am going right through until 6.30pm. We’re pleased to report that despite this severe hammering in 30 degree+ heat, the track and (most) of the cars survived despite only a very brief break when we powered down on day 3 as the Red Arrows flew over!

The Scalextric challenge proved a great way for the MER staff to get chatting to festival goers about their products and give away some free samples but thatʼs not to underestimate the other components of the stand. The black and orange Porsche GT3 attracted a huge amount of interest and was a great way to demonstrate the cleaning power of the new MER range; whilst the exhibition stand provided a great backdrop for the brand, to remind the public that the product, which used to be in the blue-bottle is now in a slick black bottle, with a shiny gold top!

£1200.00 raised for DMUK

The stand also had a charitable element to it as well, we asked anyone wishing to participate in the Scalextric Challenge to make a small donation to the Disabled Motorists UK. MERʼs promise was to match that pound for pound; and in total we raised nearly £1200.00, which was a great gesture for a well-deserving charity who campaign for better rights for disabled motorists and their families and carers. Overall it was a fantastic event, which provided great PR for the MER brand and most importantly achieved exactly what we set out to do – to attract record visitors to our stand, engage them with the new brand – and drive sales!

WDA would like to say a huge thank you to all MER staff who worked hard to keep the stand running smoothly throughout the festival, Tony at Corporate Layouts who built up the Scalextric track and Marta from Disabled Motorist UK, who also joined us to promote the charity.

To see more shots from the day, click here

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