Digital Designer Joins WDA to further increase digital offering

At the beginning of the month, WDA added to their Digital Team with the appointment of PPC Executive, Amy, and Digital Marketer and Copywriter, Anne. This week they’ve added another digital marketing superstar – Digital Designer, Luke Cuttell.

Luke has been designing for 8 years, after studying Graphic Design at the University of Derby for 3 years he joined NPower in Solihull when he was awarded an internship through the D&AD New Blood Awards in 2014.

Luke’s speciality is front end design including UI/UX, although he also a skilled Brand Identity Designer. Luke is passionate about creating intuitive and consistent user interfaces with a firm focus on e-commerce, where his goal is to create effective customer journey’s whilst fully leveraging a client’s brand advantage.

Starting from ground-zero is what really motivates Luke – “I’d say the best part about being a Designer is getting to say “I made it”. Taking what started as pencil-to-pad doodles to fully functional concepts and finished projects”

As well as being an excellent designer, Luke is a ‘Fast Ford’ man – as well as being a self proclaimed ‘Netflix geek’, kickboxer and coffee connoisseur!  He is fitting into the WDA lifestyle brilliantly and is already working on multiple projects.

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