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Bicycle Marketing by WDA Automotive Marketing

Whilst best known within the automotive sector, WDA is no stranger to bicycle marketing; having worked with a range of cycle clients from tyre manufacturers to distributors and accessory brands. Often this business has come as a result of Automotive client involvement within associated cycle areas – and a huge passion for cycling amongst the WDA team; who have been directly supporting regional initiatives aimed at encouraging more riders of all ages and abilities into the saddle – including high profile work for Cycle Derby. We were first approached by inventor, engineer, business owner (and all round top fella!) Andrew Lloyd in 2016 to consult on a branding project for a revolutionary new cycle concept.

Gap in the market

As a cycling fanatic and father, Andrew had experienced the common frustration of having to research, purchase and set up bikes for his children – only for them to quickly grow out of the geometry and need another bike. Worse when children get a new bike for Christmas and only ride a few times due to the conditions, to find they’ve outgrown the bike by the time the better weather arrives. Andrew spotted a gap in the market for a premium quality (‘proper’) bike which could grow with the child.

Bicycle Marketing by WDA Automotive Marketing

Having worked with WDA’s MD Lee Waterhouse on various Automotive projects for his other businesses over the years, Andrew knew Lee was a very keen cyclist with a young family who also shared the passion. Fast forward a few months and Lee and Andrew met in a hotel lobby in Birmingham where the top secret first prototype frame was produced from a holdall.

The concept was a bike which could be used without pedals as a first balance bike, but then ‘grew’ with the child thanks to a patented frame technology which allows quick and easy expansion of the frame geometry. The bike also has a single speed belt drive for low maintenance, lighter weight and cleanliness.

A bold, fresh and striking new brand

“WDA created a completely new brand and visual identity including logotype and icons” says WDA’s Lee Waterhouse “We were also responsible for naming and branding the first range and trademarked technologies, plus launch colour-ways and graphics. This is a fantastic project to support and really a bit of a labour of love for me personally as I’m heavily involved in cycling when not in the office, it’s a huge passion of mine; although I’m not sure all of the guys would agree when we got past the 30th execution of the logotype!

From a standing start 18 months ago, Black Mountain bikes now have a premium range of bikes featuring their innovative Epok growing frame technology (also branded by WDA), and are actively selling to 24 countries. In tests and reviews, Black Mountain is already being favourably compared to the market leaders within the childrens cycle market.

“We’re all really happy with the finished result which we feel is a bold, fresh and striking brand identity designed to set Black Mountain apart within the marketplace as a ‘grown up, kids bike’ and also a brand which will stretch and accommodate the Company’s future commercial plans. The whole Black Mountain back story completes the proposition and gives the brand a really distinct positioning designed to give instant traction in what is a very competitive space. Within a very short time since launch Black Mountain has already been picked up and is receiving high praise from the likes of Wired, BikeRadar and Cycling Weekly which we are all thrilled about”

“WDA have played a big part in the success of the Black Mountain brand – the end result is a great testament to Lee and the team. We couldn’t have done it without WDA’s great input and brand guidance” – Andrew Lloyd, CEO Black Mountain Bikes.


Black Mountain’s first two bikes are the Pinto and the Skog. The Pinto covering 12 inch and 14 inch bikes for ages three to five; and the Skog for children five to eight covering  14 inch to 16 inch bikes.

“WDA have a real ability to combine an astute commercial understanding of what our product and market is about, with highly imaginative and original development of unique, powerful creative ideas and concepts.”
-Andrew Lloyd, CEO Black Mountain Bikes.

WDA bicycle marketing and branding

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