Connecting Samco Sport to Victory

The Approach

Samco Sport approached Automotive Marketing specialists WDA to help the brand reaffirm its position as a premium supplier in the Silicone Hose market and create a cutting edge Automotive website design. Over recent years the market has become flooded with low-grade hose products, as a result Samco’s clear product quality was being lost in a marketplace increasingly defined by price. Our approach and automotive sector understanding allowed us to focus not only on the clearly superior product quality, but also on the much bigger ‘Samco Story’. With a remarkable product heritage supplying and partnering with Formula One, WRC, World Superbikes, Road Racing, (Isle of Man TT) and World MX we wanted to ensure there was a strong emotive component that fully leveraged Samco Sport’s ‘winning ways’.

The new brand positioning ‘Connect to Victory’ defines the unique emotional feelings about the brand that customers can believe in, and relate to. Samco Sport’s new brand message is simple ‘When you choose Samco, you are not connecting to any Silicone Hose, you’re ‘connecting to victory’.

Connecting Samco Sport to Victory Automotive Marketing Project
Connecting Samco Sport to Victory Automotive Marketing Project