Best global brands 2012 revealed

A great year for the Automotive sector with 5 of the top 50’s auto brands enjoying positive brand value changes. The sector as a whole outperforming all others in terms of brand value, ahead of both the financial and FMCG sectors. Whilst Coca-Cola remains in top spot, it is impossible to ignore Apple’s 129% increase ahead of both Google and Microsoft in the technology sector. Chart positions aside, the increasing fiscal values placed on these brands show just how much economic benefit is derived by their respective owners from ‘brand value’ – largely an intangible asset which is increasingly often worth more than a company’s tangible ones. WDA have delivered branding and brand strategy consultation for clients ranging from global multi billion revenue companies, to SME’s and start up businesses, and everything in between. Regardless of size or market standing, the strength and relevance of your brand will almost always factor heavily in your customers decisions when faced with options to buy from you or a competitor. If you would like a chat to explore further how WDA might help your brand move up the charts,  then get in touch.

*Source Interbrand report 2012

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