WDA appoints Lois Williams as Account Executive

WDA are delighted to bring Lois Williams on board. The appointment has been made principally to increase, enhance and broaden the communication and service delivery for all WDA clients. As Account Executive Lois will be responsible for assisting or managing several accounts and coordinating projects and campaigns to ensure they are completed on time and on budget.

Lois graduated from Manchester University with a (BSc hons) Media Technology degree before working on BBC’s ‘Waterloo Road’ TV drama, and then moving into TV advertising at Two Sugars, a production company credited with commercials for Camelot, Hovis, McDonalds, Vauxhall, Adidas, Sony, Quaker and Umbro, amongst others.

Chiefly involved with the video production process, Lois wanted experience of a broader range of media, including online and social, but also to be involved with an agency delivering the marketing strategy driving the creative campaigns. With a passion for communication and interaction, she also wanted to make the switch to a client facing role:

“My experiences coordinating large scale TV commercials has given me good organisational skills, a thorough technical knowledge and many good, reliable contacts within the industry. TV is often a very collaborative process, with lots of parties to liaise with and satisfy – including Director, assistants, cast, crew; and most important of all, the client. In my previous roles, I have always excelled in this area and plan to bring these communication skills to my new role at WDA. Additionally I also possess creative skills, and have hands on experience of video production and editing software, which whilst not my principal role will add to the in-house capabilities in these areas.

I am keen to say hello to all WDA clients and will be making calls during my first month to introduce myself and go through some new services / developments I plan to implement immediately. I also intend to find out how we have been doing in certain key service areas, and what we can do to improve. If you want a chat about an upcoming project in the meantime please get in touch”

For additional information, contact Lois at:  [email protected]

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