All change for exciting auto accessory brand

WDA are pleased to announce a major rebrand for Travall this month, with the new identity set to roll out across various media during 2011.

Travall is the Automotive aftermarket division of ASG Group Limited. Operating from its own dedicated facility, Travall creates a wide range of vehicle and leisure accessories such as dog guards, load separators, vehicle side pipes and waterproof seat covers. The recent rapid growth of the business can be credited largely to the drive and vision of Commercial Manager Paul Rowden and his team. Paul identified the need to create new partnerships with specialist suppliers to fast track his plans to make Travall a key global brand within the automotive accessory market – WDA being drafted in to assist with the marketing, branding and design components of the project.

“With Travall we have created a brand which focusses very much on the lifestyle its products facilitate, rather than how they function.” commented WDA Marketing Director Patrick Chapman. “As they say “Life is a journey, not a destination” And, if life is a journey, it makes sense to focus on the enjoyment the customer can get out of it. Lots of Travalls products are quite utilitarian, many are safety orientated. Whilst many drivers will understand the sense in investing in such products, they are not always strongly desired being more a ‘head’ than ‘heart’ purchase. One of Travalls flagship lines is a good example of this. Dog guards are effectively steel cages for dogs, designed to protect the interior of a vehicle; and preserve the safety of both occupants and animals in the event of a collision. So instead of focussing on these things instead we emphasise the scenarios the guard enables –  Dog and owner enjoying the countryside, having both arrived safe and sound, the pet relaxed and fresh; the vehicle clean and tidy.”

Enjoy the journey

In addition to creating the brand WDA have also developed the visual identity and will collaborate with Head of Design and Marketing Mat Fern to roll out the Travall message across an integrated mix of media and communications as well as identifying opportunities in ‘uncontested market space’ not being used by competitors.

In Travall we have created a brand for ALL life’s journeys, whatever the customers vehicle, whatever their driving style. The new positioning ‘Enjoy the journey’ gives Travall the foundation to diversify out from its current product ranges into many other areas in the future. Travall is a brand WDA are really excited about and feel it is now perfectly positioned to make a real impact in the marketplace – watch this space.

New website launching soon:

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