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WDA specialises in WordPress - the world’s most popular open source content management system (CMS).

Currently powering a staggering 35% of all websites on the Internet, the latest version alone has been downloaded almost 20 million times! WordPress gives us the tools to develop some superb dynamic features thanks to the massive range of brilliant plug-ins. It’s also super easy for you to use and administer.

If you’re concerned WordPress won’t meet the exact needs of your business, you are probably in for a pleasant surprise. WordPress is often the best choice for a variety of different builds – from portfolios and blogs, through to business sites and e-commerce. Industry giants such as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ford and Renault all take advantage of a super flexible development environment which allows almost any special requirements you may have to be delivered.

Depending on your specific requirements, your new WordPress site can be built using either a modular theme framework or a completely custom theme. With over 40,000 free WordPress plugins (a number that increases daily) our developers can extend functionality, add new features and integrate your systems and technology with your WordPress site. WDA understands the limitations of some page builders, plugins and themes, and can advise on the ones which are right for you. We’ll then scope, install and test before pushing your enhancements live.

We understand that you really don’t want to be messing around with hard code files – nor paying your agency to do so where it can be avoided. For this reason, we ensure our websites are coded with the end-user in mind, creating custom blocks and sections that you can easily edit. If you’re new to WordPress, or are unsure about any modules you need to administer, we will happily provide a free initial training session.

Our friendly development team creates award-winning responsive websites designed to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a marketing-focused site or a fully integrated e-commerce solution, we’re waiting to help. We understand that your site exists to support your business goals, and usually to directly drive sales. Simply tell us about your commercial objectives and will work with you to develop a killer brief and specification. We promise to keep any tech talk or jargon down to a minimum!

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Like any investment we wanted a return, in this case through enquiries and increased profile to assist with our plans of business growth. Don’t engage them if you’re uncomfortable having your thinking challenged, they leave no rock unturned… If you’re genuinely looking for results, WDA have proven to be great people to have onside.

Richard Newhouse, Status Metrology

White Stars

Great news all! We have won a SEMA Global Media Award!!!! Great effort team as you have all helped us pull SEMA together - BIG THUMBS UP!

Marketing Manager, MSS Suspension

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