New e-commerce Site Launched for Global Premium Accessory Brand

travall website before and after

WDA has just launched a brand new e-commerce website for Travall – an Original Quality manufacturer of vehicle-specific products made famous by their flagship Travall Guard within the dog market. The new Magento 2 website has initially been launched within the US market with a plan to roll out the new platform across 14 other countries – including Travall’s core UK and German markets.

travall guard landing page

Shaking up the Automotive Accessories market!

The new website is part of a wider brand driven strategy devised by WDA, with the goal of reinforcing Travall’s position as the market leader. An important part of this was to re-position the Travall brand proposition and move away from pure product related function, features and facts – and realign instead with the customers strong emotive motivations based around the products delivering a real lifestyle benefit.

“WDA worked with Travall in its early days, helping to develop the original brand positioning and visual identity”, says WDA’s Lee Waterhouse. “When we were re-engaged it was clear that the brand advantage needed to be brought back to the fore to better connect with our audience. With competition entering the marketplace, Travall’s emotive and aspirational brand benefits preserve the premium image – delivering added value to the customer and helping avoid comparison with commodity products and the much lower priced universals.”

travall divider webpage

A customer driven solution

The new site is the result of a customer driven approach which involved extensive market research and customer journey planning, all the way through from off site brand awareness and perception, to acquisition, on-site conversion and retention. The new has been designed to be a much cleaner and more navigable site which delivers a more enjoyable shopping experience and better reflects the premium brand that Travall represents.

Travall’s previous US e-commerce solution was Drupal based but was felt by the client to have reached the end of its development cycle. Apart from the platform itself being outdated, it had a poor UI/UX and mobile experience and had become very dated both in design and functionality.

Travall’s new site has been designed and developed around Magento 2, an open-source PHP based e-commerce powerhouse. Highly responsive and search engine friendly, Magento 2 offered unmatched flexibility in terms of control and management of content, functionality and layout.


Apart from the many ‘out of the box’ features, WDA added value to the customer’s online journey through improved UX/UI by implementing a custom vehicle selector. As Travall’s products are all vehicle-specific this functionality was critical in delivering a clearer and more fluid selection process, with the aim of making buying both easier and more accurate to minimise returns.

Full digital support

In addition to launching the new website WDA delivers full spectrum digital marketing support and management for all of the brands core markets, with a firm focus on improving engagement and sales. This includes specialist PPC on Google and Bing, content writing and marketing including managing the Travall blog, Social Media management and paid advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Influencer Marketing and outreach.

More information will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

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