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In the latest WDA Marketing Pit Stop, we take a look at the most important digital marketing news and updates from the last week, 16th – 22nd November, including broad match suggestions showing in Google Ads, YouTube Audio Ads, Instagram keyword search, Twitter Fleets and much more.

Let’s take a pit stop and get into it.

YouTube Audio Ads in Beta

YouTube Audio Ads are now available in beta. They can be purchased on a CPM basis in Google Ads and Display & Video 360. They’ve been launched off the back of the number of people streaming podcasts and music on YouTube continuing to increase.

This is what YouTube said on the announcement…

“Whether it’s to squeeze in a living room workout before dinner, catch up on a podcast or listen to a virtual concert on a Friday night, people are increasingly turning to YouTube as they spend more time at home. To help you tailor your media and creative approach to the different ways consumers are engaging with YouTube, we’re introducing audio ads…”

With audio-based content consumption increasing on YouTube, this is something worth testing as part of your automotive businesses paid advertising strategy.

Search Console Updates

Google has made a couple of updates to Search Console. Firstly, the remove outdated content tool has been given an interface upgrade to make it more user friendly. Secondly, the disavow links tool, used to let Google know of bad backlinks you want them to ignore, has now been migrated to the new Search Console dashboard.

Twitter Fleets

If your automotive brand is currently using Twitter as part of your social media marketing then you may have already noticed Fleets. They are temporary tweets that last for 24 hours – Twitter’s version of Stories. Since launch, they’ve been met with mixed reviews from users on the platform. However, as with most new social media platform updates, we feel they’re worth testing for your business and to see how your audience on the platform react to them.

YouTube Analytics Enhanced

YouTube’s Analytics reporting functionality has been enhanced. The updates enable content creators on the platform to gain access to the sources that viewers are being referred from to watch their videos. It’s available in the form of a new report within the Overview area and should be checked out if you actively upload content to YouTube.

Instagram Add Keyword Search Functionality

Before now, searching on Instagram could only be done via hashtags or using locations. However, Instagram has now added keyword search functionality. We don’t have much information on this just yet but we’re expecting this to improve content discoverability on the platform and additionally, SEO optimisation is likely going to be a factor for Instagram posts in the near future.

A spokesperson for the company has said that it uses machine learning and they consider a number of factors when determining content results – including the type of content, captions used, post date and more to deliver the most relevant results to the query.

While details are fairly sparse right now, we’d still recommend that automotive brands start creating more keyword-rich captions and monitor reach/impressions very closely.

Twitter Audio Spaces

Twitter has been testing Clubhouse style audio-only “spaces”. Audio spaces aim to build on the audio tweets that were launched earlier this year and continue to roll out. They are a new way to have live conversations on the platform – enabling users to create rooms that their followers can listen in or participate. To help avoid misuse, they are planning on rolling it out through a limited number of invitations.

Facebook Helps Content Creators to Maximise Revenue Opportunities

Facebook has updated Rights Manager to enable content creators to set up new rules for detecting duplicated content across Facebook and Instagram and then claim any associated revenue from it if applicable. They’ve also made it so that any creator is eligible to join Rights Manager.

Instagram Opt-Out

Instagram has added a new setting called “Data from Partners”. This can be turned on or off to opt-out of third-party data usage. Third-party data on the app is currently used to deliver more personalised ad targeting experiences for users. Instagram will be making all users on the app aware of the new updates with an in-app notification. With eCommerce on Instagram continuing to grow and improve, it’s no surprise that they’ve added this setting.

Google AdWords Showing Broad Match Suggestions

If your automotive business is making use of Google Ads then watch out for their latest suggestions. Within the campaign recommendations designed to improve performance, they’re now suggesting the implementation of broad match terms.

Here’s what they said in a recent blog post…

“If you’re using Smart Bidding, we’ll identify existing keywords that are likely to improve performance if you switch them to broad match.”

Broad match keywords aren’t often used by marketers as they tend to waste money and show your ads for irrelevant terms. When used correctly though, they can improve results. If you do decide to take on board some of the suggestions then just make sure you keep a very close eye on ad spend, search terms and performance.

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