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If you’re looking to drive more brand awareness, traffic and leads from your automotive social media marketing then look no further. This is part of a series of “FAST 5” articles where we just get straight into 5 actionable marketing tips you can implement right away. Our first in the series looks at social media.

Mix up your content

Most automotive brands fall victim to purely posting about themselves, their products or their services on social media but most of the time, your audience just isn’t interested. Start mixing up your content with industry news, interesting facts, quotes, interactive quizzes and more.

Post more often

Posting once or twice a week just isn’t enough. Set out a solid posting calendar that you can stick to and create and schedule posts at least 3 times per week. Otherwise, you’re not going to remain at the forefront of the minds of your audience. It’s that simple.

Make use of hashtags

Again, it’s surprising the amount of automotive brands that don’t utilise hashtags on social media and on many occasions, those that do, use them incorrectly. It’s important to carry out hashtag research into relevant industry and highly-specific, post-related hashtags that get good levels of engagement but don’t have millions of posts. Hashtags under 500,000 are generally decent as long as they’re specific to post content.

Be social!

Social media is designed for being social. Instead of just posting, get out there and engage with your audience on groups and in discussions on relevant posts. Always look to add value. Gary Vee’s $1.80 strategy always comes to mind when we discuss this.


Grow your audience and traffic further by collaborating with relevant, like-minded accounts. Don’t focus on followers when identifying target accounts as there’s far too many out there that buy “fake follows” for vanity. We’d recommend looking for accounts that get good engagement – including likes, comments and shares.

That’s it, 5 super quick social media tips you can start implementing right away to get more out of your existing automotive social media efforts. If you need further insights on getting more from your existing automotive marketing, complete our MOT checklist.

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