WDA’s FAST 5 – Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an excellent digital marketing tactic for automotive brands but many are making simple mistakes that can be easily rectified to have an immediate impact on performance. If you’re currently using email marketing but aren’t happy with the results it’s generating then continue reading our “FAST 5” actionable email marketing tips you can implement right away.

Subject Line: Don’t use exclamation marks or capitalise entire words as this could result in your email going straight to the spam box.

Imagery: Although emails should look clean and professional you need to be careful and selective about the imagery that you use. Emails that are too large could well be flagged as spam might not send at all.

Personalisation: 74% of marketers say personalisation increases customer engagement and sales. It can be used in subject lines, opening sentences and more.

CTA/Call To Action: Many brands fall into the trap of sending emails with a large amount of CTA buttons or links. This dilutes your message and diverts attention from what you want your audience to REALLY do. Focus on one key goal and one main CTA.

Testing: Never send an email without testing it first and it’s surprising just how many brands aren’t testing. Be sure to check your email on various browsers, email programmes and devices to cover as many bases as you can.

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