WDA puts the sting back into Scorpion Exhausts.

Scorpion approached WDA to ‘put the sting’ back into its brand which had remained largely unchanged over some 10 years and was no longer representative of the great products the Company built its reputation upon – and still produces today.

Lee Waterhouse Managing Director at WDA takes up the story: “We basically took Scorpions brief literally. Director Shaun Leonard wanted us to put the sting back into Scorpion – so thats what we did. The tip of the product is the ‘business end’ where all the heat, gasses and fantastic noise are emitted; just as the tip of an actual scorpions tail is also the bit that does the damage.”

“The big claws and deadly stinger represent the performance potential of the animal and were a big part of the old logotype which we wanted to carry through to the new branding as a nod to the strong heritage. For the same reason the colour red has been retained – a colour associated with the brand from day one.”

WDA took Scorpion through a thorough marketing review incorporating competitive analysis, market evaluation / opportunity and a look at target demographics. All this information creates a strong platform for Scorpions new marketing strategy which supports the companies wider 5 year plan.

The brand has been designed to be totally expandable, allowing future products to be launched under the Scorpion brand. And the stylish and clean Stinger/Claw Icon now becomes the symbol of the brand – representing the performance potential of all Scorpion products. That important red in the colourway underpins the unique ‘RED POWER’ positioning; moving Scorpion beyond its predictable ‘Quality, Reliability and Performance’ positioning which are argued by most other exhaust brands.

But probably the most exciting part of the rebrand exercise has been the way we have been able to incorporate the brand into the product itself – over and above simply applying a new logo.

It started out as a suggestion from WDA that all special products could carry a unique red exhaust tip inlay to reinforce the rationale of the new brand. This proposal was quickly prototyped and developed; and now features in Scorpions flagship off road and race systems – both new for 2010.

The red power inlay gives Scorpion exhausts a unique device to distinguish its special products, and uniquely a way to identify Scorpion from the back of the bike – the only view other traffic (or race competitors) actually get of a moving motorcycle. Critically it reinforces the emotional values of the brand – “Back off, or get Stung!”

The rebrand and exciting new product will be promoted heavily in store and on Scorpions new websitewww.scorpion-exhausts.com (which launches at the end of this month) with an intensive consumer campaign planned to drive business to Scorpions retail points.

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