WDA (moto) launches own ad campaign

WDA recently implemented a motorcycle trade awareness campaign in British Dealer News aimed at generating new business within the smaller ‘Moto’ side of the company. The 3 adverts already published are shown here. They convey WDA’s strong brand image as a backdrop to very simple messages – WDA talk, think, and listen ‘BIKE’. More in this suite will follow, backed up by other press activities and an extensive e-campaign to existing and new contacts.

WDA’s Nicky Box takes up the story: “We really wanted to hammer home the companies core USP, that we are specialists. And we have been since inception some 12 years ago now. In practical terms this means that we have a huge headstart over 99.9% of design and marketing agencies who do not understand our clients products or services, the market they operate within, the media; and most important of all the target audience. WDA aims to take the headaches away from our clients. We are easier to brief, quicker to respond, more accurate with our proposals; and generally just more ‘in tune’ with the industry. A big eye opener to our new customers is how we can utilise our client network to create mutually beneficial synergies and cross marketing opportunities. This is an area we are very keen for the industry to know about as using WDA as a ‘conduit’ for mutually beneficial marketing activities creates a ‘win-win’ situation for all. Going forward we will separate completely the ‘Auto’ and ‘Moto’ sides of the business so that our specialism becomes even more focussed; whilst in the medium term sharing resources and systems to help keep us cost effective”.

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