WDA at The Hurt Arms Classic and Vintage Car Show

The WDA Automotive team were recently at The Hurt Arms Ambergate for their final Classic and Vintage car meet of the year!

It was a great turn out with fantastic food and drink on tap and some incredible machines on display… what’s not to like?

We really do LOVE our job as a team fuelled by passion for the automotive sector. We participate in all the key industry shows (both consumer and trade), liaise daily with the automotive media, and interact with all the major industry associations.

At the weekends we’re usually trackside either live streaming and creating content for clients – or simply enjoying the action. This total immersion within our market allows WDA to deliver a highly proactive service to its clients, many of whom trust us to ‘just get on with it’ without the need for lots of hand-holding or micro-managing.

Find out more about our industry specialism: https://wda-automotive.com/our-specialism/

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