WDA 2010 portfolio launched

In addition to the new online home of WDA, we have just launched our 2010 Portfolio. ‘Building Brilliant Brands’ is aimed at Automotive marketing professionals and existing clients of WDA. In addition to showcasing recent projects the new folio outlines our unique approach and demonstrates how WDA is helping clients to capitalise on exciting shifts in media consumption.

The new portfolio was created with one objective – to simplify our service offering and demonstrate how everything we do routes back to a great, original IDEA; something Lee Waterhouse, Managing Director at WDA is passionate about:

“Creating great ideas is the reason WDA has won so many awards for our advertising – not because we are especially good at actually generating advert artworks. The value we bring is not the nuts and bolts of production, but the thinking and strategy behind those nuts and bolts.

As a ‘full service’ agency WDA is able to execute fully integrated campaigns utilising many different media channels, but media channels are simply ‘touch points’. Giving clients a sound promotional strategy ensures we are using the right ‘touch points’ for the target audience, but unless the message is arresting, engaging, relevant and memorable the communication opportunity will be wasted. Our marketing communications should always create differentiation and stand out for our clients. Ultimately we encourage clients to run in their own race. Being ‘the same but different’ is just not going to cut it in an overcrowded market place with an ever growing number of eager and hungry competitors all battling for the same space.”

The portfolio shows how WDA takes creative concepts through to market, and gives examples of how we are using dynamic new media to encourage user participation and feedback. An interactive online version can be accessed by clicking here

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