TikTok Rival Likee Continues Its Growth – WDA Marketing Pit Stop


In the latest WDA Marketing Pit Stop, we take a look at the most important digital marketing news and updates from the last two weeks, including TikTok’s Rival Likee’s continued growth, Twitter tweet reply limits, free Bing shopping ads and more!

Let’s take a pit stop and get into it.

TikTok Rival Likee Continues Its Growth

As of June, TikTok’s smaller rival, Likee, owned by Chinese internet company Joyy, has garnered 150 million active monthly users. One of the key differences between the two apps is that Likee enables content creators to earn money from virtual gifts they receive from fans. With Reels now launched also, the competition for TikTok is heating up!

Twitter Introduces Tweet Reply Limits

Twitter has rolled out a new feature that allows users to limit replies to tweets through a small globe icon that lets you select from 3 different options on who can reply – everyone, people you follow and people you mention. The update is their attempt to increase meaningful conversations taking place on the platform.

Microsoft Advertising Editor Updated

Microsoft Advertising Editor has got some new features – recommendations and campaign level targeting designed to help advertisers with multiple campaign management and performance optimisation. The performance recommendations are AI-powered and include things like suggested keywords, missing ads, bid changes etc.

Free Product Listings On Bing

Bing has now opened up free organic product lists in the Bing shopping tab. These are only available to U.S Microsoft Merchant Centre store owners at this time but will be rolled out to the UK and other countries in the future. Free product listings on Bing opens up another channel for your business to take advantage of, boosting reach, traffic and product sales.

Updates to Yelp for Local SMB Lead Generation

Yelp has made some updates to its “Request a Quote” feature, making it a full-featured lead-generation tool with the ability to book appointments. The Request a Quote feature is available in more than 60 business categories. If your business operates within a local radius, a car servicing business for example, then it could be a great tool to take advantage of.

Search Console Now Supports Reporting On AMP and Signed Exchanges

Google Search Console can now report on issues with AMP and Signed Exchanges using the URL inspection tool and AMP enhancement report. SXG is a technical framework that enables browsers to display publisher URLs on cached AMP results. If you’re utilising AMP and signed exchanges then the new set of tools are welcome and worth checking out. If you’re not using them currently then we’d recommend starting with AMP initially. It stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and enables webpages to load faster on mobile devices.

Performance Planner Gets Three New Features

Google’s Performance Planner has been given three new features – the ability to account for conversion delay, shared budget support across search campaigns, and campaign plans that can be viewed and edited by stakeholders.

Google Makes It Easier to Update Local Business Profiles

Google has added the functionality to now make edits to Local Google My Business profiles from with Maps and Search rather than having to access the Google My Business site. You can still make edits from the main site but enabling edits through 2 additional apps makes it easier for marketers or business owners to optimise local listings.

Google Shopping Country Targeting Made Easier

Google has introduced a new attribute for Shopping feeds that enables advertisers to easier control which countries your ads show by excluding any specified with the new attribute “shopping_ads_excluded_country”. Using this will override any feel level targeting already in place.

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