The Chemistry Of Car Colours

Grey, black, and white regularly top the list of the most popular UK car colours. In fact, those three car colours have held on to their place at the top of the charts for over TEN YEARS!

In 2021, the top 5 colours for new cars registered were:

  • Grey – 408,155 or 25% of the market
  • Black – 337,351 or 21% of the market
  • White – 282,529 or 17% of the market
  • Blue – 279,891 or 17% of the market
  • Red – 145,273 or 9% of the market

Getting The Right Formula

The “Geariodic Table’ represents some of the most historic brand car colours.


Time to take a look at a few of the colours and their history and origin

British Racing Green – Jaguar

Jaguar XKD 403

In Motorsport BRG was chosen to make national identification of the participants easier, countries were asked to adopt a national racing colour. France took blue, Belgium yellow, white for Germany and the Italians chose red.

Steve McQueen’s colour of his favourite car… the Jaguar XKSS, was British Racing Green, which he has custom painted from the original off-white.

In 2000, the famous shades of dark green began to make their way back onto the track, with Jaguar Racing applying the colour to its Formula One cars.

Mustard Yellow – Lotus

Lotus Esprit Turbo

This a vibrant colour, it’s also a homage to the county that Lotus calls home. As the Lotus factory is in Hethel, surrounded by mustard fields. Mustard Yellow is associated with variants of the Esprit Turbo and early versions of the Elise.

Estoril Blue – BMW

BMW 420i XDrive M Sport

Inspired by the ‘Autodromo do Estoril’, a motor racing track in Portugal, which hosted Formula One from 1984 to 1996. Aryton Senna won his first race at the Estoril, while BMW launched its 4 Series coupe over here.

So What Is Your Chemical Bond Colour of Choice?

“Blue, but not just any blue, Moroccan blue, I first saw it on a Bentley Arnage and it’s quite a limited edition colour, I even saw a customer order an additional Bentley in the colour after seeing it for the first time and not liking his original choice of paint finish on his car he had not even taken delivery of! All my cars that are special are blue, my MG racer is trophy blue and lives up to her name, my camper van is baby blue and my beetle marina blue, my Amarok is starlight blue and I have a Gti in Atlantic blue it’s also important to people who are colour blind as it’s usually the only colour they can see.” – Ray Collier

“Matte Lime Green 🤣 I created this monster years ago (among many other wild ones) to take my kids to school – I’ve never been stopped so many times by police, neither before or after 🤣.” – Max McDee

“Root Beer Kandy, this is the colour on the vintage Mercedes I built a few years ago. I wanted to build something that showed it was OK to be different and build something just for you” – Dale Masterman

Of Course Paul Woodford with the Brown, Clan Crusader.

“Metallic royal blue, I loved the BMW M5 and Dodge Viper Coupe with twin centre stripes. I used to collect cars and they were amongst my favourite!” – Aeren Bullman

“I have a few, first is BRG always loved it and made a piece of art once using it. And Alfa Red is another fantastic iconic colour.” – Adam Kay

Is E Ink The Catalyst For Change In Car Colour?

Tired of the colour of your car? A new innovation from BMW will let you change it at the touch of a button. At CES 2022, BMW showed a unique version of its BMW iX FLOW.

Technology that uses digitisation to adapt the exterior of a vehicle to different situations and individual wishes. The surface of the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink can vary its shade at the driver’s prompting.

In an all-electric car, changing the colour in line with the weather can therefore also help to increase the range.


My Choice Of Course Being A Creative…

Radical Motorsport Ltd. and ‘s collaboration of live painting on a Radical SR8 at the amazing Art on Cars event at Hedsor House. The team at WDA managed to see this stunning art car in-person at MsD Live recently at Silverstone where it took centre stage.

If you would like to see what the team were doing at Silverstone click and read the blog article below for more information. P.S. We had fun!

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