Repurpose Your Content To Get More From It!

repurpose your content

Have you ever created a brilliant piece of content for your blog, shared it, promoted it and left it at that? I think if we’re being honest, most of us have done this and probably more than once. Creating a great piece of content that your audience loves takes time, so why not put a little extra in it to make it go even further?

Here are a few tips on repurposing your content…

Create an infographic

Infographics are impactful and engaging and are in fact, 30 times more likely to be read than a written piece of content. Create an infographic from your content with the most important snippets out of it and include facts/stats where you can. Icons also work great.

Record a podcast

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity with many listening to them in the car, while exercising and also while working. Creating and recording a podcast can be done for free with sites such as Anchor FM. Podcasts provide an alternative way for users to consume your content on the go – while driving, exercising, working and more.

Turn it into a video

Video is the most engaging content format there is and is proven to boost engagement and conversions. Production quality doesn’t have to be great, it’s about the content. Videos can even be recorded on a smartphone, edited in a free software program and then shared via social media and on YouTube.

Share short snippets for social media

Take out short snippets and quotes from your content piece to share across social media. The content can be drip fed almost over weeks and months and each individual post can be linked back to the original content piece.

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