RAUNCHY VIDEO VIRAL starring WDA designer proves irresistible as hits soar past 10,000!!!

**** STOP PRESS: Moovamoto video receives over 10,000 youtube hits and is merited with Youtube Honour in ‘Most Viewed Autos & Vehicles’ Charts. In just 3 weeks we have also received 2,500 forum views on VisorDown.com and 6,500 microsite page views globally. The Moovamoto story has also been picked up by leading print and online media including motorcyclenews.com***

WDA have just launched a brand new product which is set to revolutionise the way we ‘moov’ our bikes around the workshop, garage or pits.

Called moovamoto, the stand uniquely features 4 multi-directional wheels which support the bike and provide full 360 degree movement without the usual lock-to-lock on/off stand headaches all bikers will be familiar with when using traditional systems.

This project represents a model example of how a brand can be created, developed, and rolled out on a budget. WDA researched the market opportunity, devised the brand name and positioning, and produced various media centered around a microsite which features a viral video also produced in-house.

The video shows a sexy fetish clad vixen demonstrating moovamoto with a new ‘Blade. What most viewers will not realise is that the babe in the clip is actually a member of WDA’s own talented design squad (viewer discretion is advised):




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