Launching HEL’s New Road Legal Race Caliper!

The Approach

WDA has helped HEL Performance with a whole range of exciting marketing projects over the years, including their famous ambigram campaign which we won multiple awards for.

HEL’s main product is their performance brake lines, however, they’ve been working on a top-secret idea over the last few years – a new road legal race caliper. The new product is still braking related but a huge step away for HEL – creating a challenge and effort to bring it to market.

HEL’s new caliper product required a completely new approach – design, testing, manufacturing were all a departure from HEL’s core product. They also required an an effective marketing campaign and strategy to launch it successfully and drive sales.



After reviewing the specs, inspecting the product and having seen lab results, WDA knew that HEL’s new calipers were extremely high quality. However, we also knew that performance calipers were available from HEL’s competitors and market leaders at a similar price.

Our objective then became clear. We needed to convince the audience that there is simply no alternative to the new HEL caliper – for the money.

The first step in doing this was to create initial engagement. We needed people to stop, take notice and find out more. To coincide with the launch we suggested a discounted introductory price of £666 – which also leveraged the HEL brand name and its ‘devilish’ associations!

Following, WDA suggested a paid social and specialist print ad campaign to drive traffic to a dedicated caliper specific landing page that was both visually and emotionally engaging – designed to spark audience engagement, click-throughs to the product page and ultimately drive sales.

Here’s what Managing Director of HEL, Simon Lane had to say… “Thanks WDA for all you do for us – Superb! I’m getting very excited by all this !!!!…”.

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Launching HEL’s New Road Legal Race Caliper! Automotive Marketing Project
Launching HEL’s New Road Legal Race Caliper! Automotive Marketing Project