Torquing Yamaha's Language

The Approach

Yamaha commissioned WDA to create an Automotive marketing strategy to capitalise on the media storm created by their new Yamaha MT09 Tracer, Europe’s third best selling motorcycle and a critical model for the brand here in the UK. In-line with the Dark Side Tour project which WDA Automotive marketing strategy specialists helped deliver. The aim was to give our audience the complete Yamaha experience, which meant getting riders into the saddle and on the gas rather than just looking through the dealership window. This involved putting Tracer ‘TEST BIKE’ liveried machines into the large dealer network, and a promotional campaign to create demand for the test ride opportunity.

Our solution ‘MORE THAN JUST TORQUE’ worked on a number of levels, most obviously in leveraging the topical positive press reviews utilising a series of the best quotes from the UK’s leading specialist press titles. The idea being to invite the audience to ‘ride it for themselves’ and discover that this bike lives up to – and indeed exceeds – the hype. The slogan gave us the opportunity to remind the audience what the ‘MT’ model acronym stands for (‘Masters of Torque’) something not widely known but which perfectly sums up the unique triple cylinder powered machine. ‘MORE THAN JUST TORQUE’ also enabled us to position the Tracer as a bike which sits slightly above the ‘base’ MT in terms of price point, and one which is aimed at the slightly different touring market.

Torquing Yamaha's Language Automotive Marketing Project
Torquing Yamaha's Language Automotive Marketing Project