Pour In the Passion! Videos by WDA

WDA has pleasure in announcing that there will be more opportunities to see our creativity in television advertising in 2018. The next in our series of Pour In the Passion videos for client Silkolene is being broadcast out on Eurosport 2 and ITV4 during British Superbikes Live and when highlights are televised this year.

Featuring Shakey Byrne, this latest video proves that with a bit of creative thinking a highly impactful piece can be produced very quickly and without going to the lengths of shooting actual footage (only the bottle sequences were shot in the studio). Once we had developed the creative brief, WDA began this project by creating initial thumbnail ideas.  We collaborated with the client to refine the selected concept into a more detailed storyboard, then created an animatic which is basically a video ‘rough’ designed to demonstrate the design and timings. Our motion designers then set to work creating the sequence before rendering out the finished video. Finally we managed the Clearcast and IMB approvals necessary for the TV broadcast.

Driving engagement with videos

This kind of video short is very popular for several reasons. One of these is that producing these videos is highly accessible, fast and relatively cost effective. It also has multiple applications and with simple re-edits can suit even more. Videos create stronger emotional connections and higher engagement between brand and audience. Not only that, but there is statistical evidence showing that videos increase conversions compared to other marketing content.

Automotive videos for Silkolene by WDA

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