Personalisation in Marketing: How to Get Personal (the Right Way) with Your Customers

I don’t normally reference personal details in marketing blog posts. In this article about personalisation in marketing, I’m about to do just that. It’s not something I actively shy away from, it’s just that it doesn’t typically have a direct relevance. 

Until now that is. 

Can I share a brief story with you? 

On a milestone birthday, I received a digital greeting from an old school friend, which was very much personalised for me.  By that, I don’t mean that it said “Happy Birthday” followed by my name, there was more to it. Inserted as a background image was a picture relating to a very specific song. My friend knew that seeing that image would not only make me sing that particular song very badly, but would make me laugh, and would mentally transport me to a different time and place.

Amid the lovely messages I received that day, that one particular message stood out. When someone communicates in a way that shows they really know me and my interests, well that’s a special thing. That level of personalisation not only made me feel good inside, but my bond with my friend was further strengthened. It’s a natural human response. 

What is personalisation in marketing?

The anecdote about the birthday greeting illustrates how connecting with someone in a way specific to them can make your messaging more memorable and meaningful. There’s a lot more to it than simply inserting a customer’s name into a standard email template. It’s about knowing their age, their gender identity, their family structure, their past interests and their current interests, their spending power, their spending patterns and many other details, and utilising that helpful information in such a way to gain their trust. 

By delivering the right messaging for them, on the right platforms, and at the right times you can attain that all-important emotional and psychological connection. 

How do you go about one-on-one marketing?

one on one marketing

Data collection is absolutely critical to the success of this individualised marketing approach. There are a variety of ways to glean information on your customers. Using Customer Relationship Management software, data analytics, and algorithms allows you to get more valuable information about your customers and how they interact with you. By using this data you can direct your customers to information that is relevant to them.

Personalised product recommendation emails, custom video messages, remarketing, landing pages specific to their interests for a personalised website experience, all combine to achieve that more individualised approach to reach your customer. For them it will feel as if you are engaging with them one on one and it’s that type of approach that gets their attention. 

For example, if you have done your data analysis and you know there is a segment of your potential customers who are in a specific age group, have a specific spending power, are passionate about skiing, take winter holidays in the French Alps, spend a lot of time on their mobile phones, and drive an Audi Q8, you’ve got a bunch of very useful information at your fingertips. That particular segment could be ideal to send a very targeted product recommendation email (with a personalised subject line, of course) highlighting the advantages of your company’s winter tyres for the Q8 and directing them to a purpose-built website landing page focussing on that very product.

Doing the legwork to get the appropriate information about your customers is time consuming but is crucial to the process of actioning personalisation in marketing in the right way. As a brand your time and energy may be pulled in many other directions. This is where an experienced marketing agency can take the reins. They can decide what data is important to glean for your business and how to best deliver content, in what form and when. This type of marketing requires tracking and refinement. It also requires a balanced approach.  Nobody wants to feel like they are being bombarded with adverts and that their privacy is being invaded. But, receiving helpful information, tailored to a customer’s individual needs, just when it’s needed can be very welcome.

Why not take that next step to achieve that special personal connection with your customers in the right way?

Contact WDA today for details on how our team can help you reach your customers, so they can enjoy that great personalised experience and a strengthened bond with your brand.


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