How We Work
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We can work with you in one of three different ways to best suit your specific situation:

1. We provide direction

Clients with an in-house marketing team are often great at tactical deliveries, but do not always have a sound strategy in place. If this sounds familiar, we can support you by providing the roadmap for your team. The strategic marketing support we provide will not only bring direction, consistency and efficiencies – your marketing will also work harder and generate a higher return.

2. We augment your expertise

In today’s highly fragmented marketing space, it’s possible that your in-house team lacks skills and expertise in certain specific areas. In these cases WDA is able to “fill in the gaps” in your team’s expertise whilst also adding additional value by bringing specialised knowledge to the table.

3. We do It all for you

Especially beneficial for brands with no in-house automotive marketing expertise or resources, but also for those who would sooner leave it to the experts and focus internal teams on other business priorities. Outsourcing marketing to a specialist agency can be more cost-effective than hiring a team of in-house marketers, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. This option also allows you to scale marketing efforts up or down as needed, rather than being tied to a fixed in-house resource.

Sectors We Support

WDA drives business for automotive clients across two and four-wheel (and three!), and both B2B and B2C markets. The Agency has particular experience and expertise within Aftermarket parts and accessories, Performance Road and Motorsport.

Aftermarket parts and accessories

WDA has been driving business for aftermarket and parts clients since 1997, within both 2 and 4 wheels and across the full supply chain. If you’re looking to boost business within this very fast paced and highly competitive space, it pays to partner with an agency that knows your market – and your customers – inside out.

Performance Road

WDA has won multiple awards for its marketing campaigns within the performance sector, including work for Pirelli, Scorpion, HEL, Motul, Samco…the list goes on. This experience and expertise enables us to quickly develop innovative marketing solutions proven to produce results.


From sponsorship and support of our own Porsche Carrera cup car, to European LeMans team promotions and prestigious rebranding projects for the M-Sport Ford WRC Team. WDA has a passion for both 2 and 4 wheel motorsport and are here to help put you into P1.

Automotive retail online

WDA can assist you with automotive e-commerce design, build and management across multiple platforms including Magento. Ongoing promotional support is delivered to drive acquisition and conversion using a range of marketing tactics including content, social, outreach and influencer, and paid advertising across Adwords, shopping and social.

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