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new website for wda automotive

As we begin to come out of lockdown and the Automotive sector re-starts there is expected to be a strong rebounding of demand – as has already been experienced in countries ahead of the UK’s recovery. We have certainly experienced a sudden influx of new business enquiries and new projects from existing clients over the past 2 weeks.

A far cry from just a few weeks ago when lockdown was announced, and the entire Automotive sector seemed to stop overnight. No surprise as Covid forced factories to shut, supply chains were broken, showrooms closed, and demand evaporated due to travel restrictions.

Anticipating the downturn in business, we thought we’d make the most of our time and so set ourselves the task of completely redesigning, rebuilding and relaunching our own website in 4 weeks flat! Working remotely and after much copywriting, designing and coding, the team did it – with one day to go!

We hope you can find the time to take a look at the new website, and we’d love to hear any feedback you may have.

meet the wda team

Our brief

It was quite refreshing being able to write our own brief for the new site! The first step was revisiting our core agency positioning and rewriting pretty much all the services copy to better reflect the many new digital marketing service areas the agency now offers. Next we looked at the customer journey, and aided by analytics were able to plot out a much stronger sitemap. We then revisited SEO and keyword research, made sure that the UX was seamless, improved UI design, and updated content to make it more human including adding a new Meet the team page (featuring Elon Musk and Steve McQueen amongst others!). We also managed to convince our Managing Director Lee to write the story of WDA and how it all started back in 1997, which was quite interesting! After the rebuild we carried out cross platform testing for site speed, responsiveness and to iron out any usability issues.

Conveying our automotive specialism

One thing which clients tell us they really value is our understanding of the Automotive sector and our ability to ‘just get on with it’ – freeing them up to focus on their business rather than hand holding the agency. We wanted to highlight this more with the new site and so created additional pages and content to support our credentials.


The level of engagement we are seeing with the new website has way exceeded expectations, with all key metrics improved across the board – users, new users and sessions up massively, bounce rates down; and page views and session durations up nearly 300%. As the automotive sector awakens from lockdown we are also seeing a big improvement in enquiries coming in through the new website. As our clients customers have increasingly flocked online for most of their brand interactions and purchases, it’s no surprise that a lot of these new enquiries are for improved or rebuilt websites!

wda web design

Test Drive – Doing our bit to help our industry

At its lowest point in April our domestic market saw less than 200 cars manufactured in one month (and a similar picture globally). As a result lots of Automotive brands were looking for all kinds of help, assistance and support just to get through. During April we saw new business evaporate as panic set in, and companies put staff onto furlough and went into survival mode. However, we knew that as soon as restrictions started to ease there would be a rush amongst many within the sector to restart marketing in an attempt to recover revenues and grab market share away from competitors.

In response to this, but also considering the cautious climate, WDA launched ‘Test Drive’ which effectively offers automotive businesses a three month trial of our services without having to commit to our usual longer-term contracts. Upon completion of the Test Drive, we take you through the results we’ve achieved and you’re then given the option to continue or cancel – without penalty. Test Drive has proven extremely popular and we are currently planning to run the initiative throughout Summer ending on August 31st. If you are interested in Test Drive, just mention it when you make contact and we can take you through it in more detail and answer any questions you might have.

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