Mobile-First Indexing. FINAL Warning!

google mobile first indexing

Mobile-first indexing has been an ongoing strategy for Google during the last few years and it’s already enabled for all new sites and the most frequently crawled websites.

Starting in March however, mobile-first indexing will be enabled for all websites. This means that Google will only crawl and index your automotive website’s mobile data. Desktop-only sites and content will be removed entirely from Google’s index.

If you’re not prepared for this then you’ll most likely suffer significant traffic drops, resulting in losses to your bottom line.

Here’s how to prepare:

Firstly, if your website isn’t mobile responsive then you need to rectify that right away. Even if it is though, there are a few things you need to double check. These include:

  • Meta tags on mobile – including robots txt
  • Lazy-loading
  • Content – both the desktop and mobile friendly version should be exactly the same
  • Check image and video quality
  • Mobile site speed. This can be checked with Google’s Page Speed Insights tool.

Sites may be migrated to mobile-first indexing before March if Google feels the site is ready. If it’s not ready by the deadline then Google will force the migration over.

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