Understanding the Micro-Influencer, and Why Your Automotive E-commerce Business Should be Partnering With Them

automotive micro influencers

The importance of social media channels cannot be underestimated in the Modern world. A select group of individuals, named ‘influencers,’ can tangibly help businesses advertise essential goods & services within these platforms. This article intends to provide an understanding of the ‘micro-influencer’ (which made it into our top automotive marketing trends for 2022) and how they can enhance the marketing strategy of your automotive e-commerce business.

Understanding the Micro-Influencer: who are they?

An influencer is a person who commands high-follower volumes and attracts followers to specific content. They are bracketed by their scope of reach, with ‘nano’, ‘micro’, and ‘macro’ influencers offering different solutions to different sectors and industries. Micro-influencers are often preferred within e-commerce automotive pursuits. They usually have circa 10-100,000 followers.

All influencers aim to accelerate post views about a particular product or concept, thereby building your automotive businesses brand and credibility. Furthermore, their key commercial target is to generate sales and agitate customer interest, making them essential components of any marketing proposition.

According to CBT news, a staggering 71% of consumers state that they are more likely to purchase a product when recommended by a trusted influencer.

What Makes an Automotive Micro-Influencer?

In simplistic terms, an automotive micro-influencer will offer commercial and branding support to companies operating within the automotive sector. These individuals will develop a keen interest in a definitive niche or automotive discipline.

Therefore, automotive micro-influencers will need to be incredibly well-read and resourced in their field of expertise. Also, they will need to harness an acute blend of subtle skills in an industry renowned for committed enthusiasts. This will include product knowledge, the ability to build relationships, and maintaining a level of integrity in their follower interactions.

Understanding the micro-influencers strategic importance gives automotive businesses an unprecedented, new, and innovative tool for supporting commercial growth.

Why Should your Automotive E-commerce Business Partner with Micro-Influencers?

As an automotive retail business looking to achieve marketing success, understanding and collaborating with micro-influencers can be integral to realising these objectives. It has been proven that utilising the influencer community can achieve an eleven-times higher investment return than conventional advertising methods.

WDA recommends micro-influencers over the likes of Shmee etc. as this type of influencer has smaller, more captive audience pools, their credibility is often accentuated within their respective communities. This means when landing key messages about your automotive e-commerce business, micro-influencers engage your customers with more authority and presence.

The characteristics of products in the automotive industry are often highly-specialsed and technically advanced. Therefore, those shopping in your company catalogue will often require an enhanced level of explanation and assistance. Micro-influencers are perfect tools to plug this vacuum, as they’re usually far more grounded and approachable than their ‘macro’ counterparts.

In this sense, customers can interact with authentic enthusiasts and are committed to offering transparent feedback and advice.

Final Thoughts

As referenced, understanding the micro-influencers role in the automotive e-commerce industry can be a fundamental growth driver for relevant businesses. Through their approach, these individuals serve to provide elusive solutions for a range of sector stakeholders. By deploying micro-influencers to inspire, involve, and inform respective consumer bases, companies can elevate their brand profile and boost profits exponentially.

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