Launching a game-changing ‘continuous band’ wheel protection technology at SEMA360

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WDA has helped launch a revolutionary new automotive aftermarket product at the first ever SEMA360 show

“WDA made a significant impact for wheel protection client ‘Rimblades’ by helping deliver its best ever quarter following our appointment, with sales up 20% year on year,” said WDA’s Managing Director, Lee Waterhouse.

“As a result of this and the great relationship we have started to build with the client, we were invited to help launch a totally new and revolutionary product at SEMA360. A pro-fit tyre trap wheel protector, based around revolutionary new technology and materials which outperforms anything else on the market.”

rimfinity superior car wheel protection

Brand Positioning Strategy

We knew that the price point and professional fitting requirement of the new product would naturally draw comparison with the market leader. However, whilst we wanted to use this context to compete for their business, it was critical that we positively positioned and differentiated the brand and what the product represented.

We quickly picked up on the fact that the new product was fundamentally different in one crucial area.

Rimfinity black wheel protector detail

The Rimfinity Difference

As we already knew a fair bit about the market through the work we had done on Rimblades (a bond-on protector technology), we knew that our audience’s biggest pain point with traditional tyre-trap offerings is the fact that they are a universal product. And this means they have a MAJOR WEAKNESS – they need to be joined.

The new product on the other hand, is a continuous rim-specific brand – with no join. This gives total integrity to the protector, with no chance of joint failure or any of the resultant detachment damage. Additionally, the continuous band is both easier and faster to mount to the rim, is a far better fit, has superior performance and is inherently safer.

Endless Protection and Style

We determined that the continuous band advantage was so compelling that we proposed that the whole brand strategy be based around it. As part of this strategy we devised the Rimfinity brand name and positioning and developed a bold new visual identity including the ‘infinite’ logotype concept – featuring a new visual icon designed to always be readable as the wheel (protector) rotates. Everything was designed and refined ready to launch following a last minute opportunity and decision to reveal all at SEMA360.

The RIMFINITY digital brochure we created for the SEMA360 show

Building Out The Rimfinity Brand

To maximise impact at SEMA360 WDA delivered a whole range of marketing support for Rimfinity, including an initial photoshoot which took place at the HQ. In addition to setup and content for the new SEMA360 platform, WDA also designed and built a trade lander as part of the marketing funnel we had devised. We also wrote, designed and produced the digital trade brochure which was distributed via the SEMA360 manufacturer showcase. WDA’s Digital Marketing and Creative team supported the event with social media launch activation and brand awareness content, including a 10-day SEMA countdown with branded graphics. Press release content was also distributed along with blog articles.

WDA Imaging Team

Famous for ‘just getting on with it’, the WDA imaging team turned the shoot around in 2 days with very little notice, including studio based product shots and two outdoor locations.



SEMA360 logo


One of the most important on the automotive calendar, the SEMA Show represents an incredible opportunity for automotive brands to launch new products onto a global stage. Last year, WDA re-launched MSS Suspension at the event, winning a prestigious Global Media Award in the process. With no physical SEMA Show this year due to the pandemic, a virtual version – SEMA360 – was created. A 100% online experience, focussing on manufacturer, attendee and media relationships, new product introductions, project vehicle debuts, industry-leading education and exceptional networking opportunities.

rimfinity sema showcase

Are digital events like SEMA360 here to stay?

As a digital agency, WDA has been perfectly positioned to support clients in the absence of all the cancelled automotive shows and events this year. It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride, with some virtual events (like the Maserati MC20 launch) proving incredibly successful, whilst other more established and traditional shows struggled to refine their new digital platforms – although that’s no surprise given the time we’ve all had to react.

What has been remarkable is just how quickly some automotive brands have been to embrace the shift to digital. Whilst virtual events were intended to be a stop gap this year, most now recognise they are here to stay – either as part of a hybrid event model, or replacing physical events altogether. The benefits are obvious. Virtual events are dramatically less expensive as they save a huge amount of resources, whilst also giving brands the ability to get massive exposure across the world, and on different timezones. There is also more scope for data capture and to more accurately measure outcomes compared to physical events. They are even far easier on the environment.

Whist some believe that the virtual experience can never be the same as physical events, most experts believe that technology will soon render even that argument invalid. Even today, there is some incredible VR being produced which whilst not quite like the real thing, is getting very close – but with the added benefit of AR interaction.

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