Is YOUR Automotive Business Website Converting?

Would you put fuel in a car with a petrol leak? You might, but you’d be wasting A LOT of money and wouldn’t get very far. The same can be said for your automotive businesses website. While you’re spending money on advertising to drive traffic, are you sure it is ACTUALLY converting?

How to know if your website is converting?

Understanding whether your website is converting or not mostly comes down to the set up of your marketing campaigns and ensuring the right tracking is in place. While some elements simply cannot be tracked, the beauty about digital marketing is that the vast majority of it can. The first place to start is to head over to Google Analytics, Google AdWords or Facebook Ads Manager and check if goal tracking, events or conversions are set up. If they’re not then you’re potentially throwing money away on marketing that isn’t working.

Improving conversion rates

If your website is converting and your marketing campaigns are being tracked properly then comes the question of whether it’s converting well or not. A benchmark average conversion rate for a website is between 1 and 5%. Anything less than one percent should definitely be addressed but anything within the average region could still be improved with conversion rate optimisation.

What is conversion rate optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation is the process of testing specific elements of your website or landing pages against a solid hypothesis. The goal is to achieve a target percentage uplift in the conversion rate of that specific page.

WDA’s specialist digital team are experienced in getting CRO results using tools such as Hotjar and Google Analytics. Thanks to our experience in the automotive sector, we have a greater understanding than most agencies on which elements should be tested first and what might have the desired impact for your business – whether you’re in parts and accessories, manufacturing or performance road and motorsport.

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