How to Get Started With Automotive Facebook Ads

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If you work in the automotive sector you will be very aware that there are many advertising opportunities available to put your company and its products or services on the map. Some of these options can be extremely costly, but aren’t necessarily the best for reaching your target market. If you want to reach a specific group of people and do so in a cost-effective way, automotive Facebook ads could be a great option for your company.

Why create automotive Facebook ads?

Facebook has a whopping 51.15 million active users in the UK (stats as of July 2021). It is a highly lucrative advertising platform, generating a predicted 28% of online ad revenue in the UK in 2021 alone. It continues to be the top social media platform in terms of market share (56%) and is the most popular across all age groups. Being able to target specific demographics that would be relevant to your business and narrow that down by their interests, behaviours and lifecycle is easily achieved. In this way you ensure your ads are seen by people who truly are your target audience.

For an automotive company that already has an active and inviting Facebook page, taking the leap into creating ads on Facebook is a natural and sensible progression. Setting up your Facebook ads account would be the next step. Once that is done you don’t need to start running ads immediately – in fact it is wiser not to. It is preferable to add the Facebook Pixel to your website, and let the Pixel do some initial work to glean information for you about your customers. This can help you get stronger insights into your audience, so you can develop advertising content that will be in tune with their interests and will resonate better.

How to plan your automotive Facebook ads

Planning your ads begins with deciding on your objective. The following gives the possible options available to you on Facebook.

It is important to take your time at this stage to think about what you really want to achieve. This is because Facebook will optimise campaigns to ensure the ad reaches the most people likely to meet those criteria.

Think Facebook ads would be too expensive? Think again! Facebook advertising can be extremely affordable and can offer a great return on investment. Decide what you are willing to spend and then set that as the maximum, either for the duration of the ad run, or broken down per day. Then choose your bid strategy.

Creating your target audience comes next. You can do this by location, age, language, interests, behaviours and connections. Whenever you select a variable, you will be shown your potential reach, which can help you broaden or narrow your targeting further.

How to create your automotive Facebook ads content

Creating content for your ads may sound like a pretty daunting task. If you operate a small- or medium-sized business that is stepping into this area for the first time, don’t worry. You just need to remember that with this type of content, simpler ads often produce better results than the more elaborate ones. Facebook gives the option for you to upload video content, which is great if you have that available. There is also the opportunity to build your own slideshow video content utilising still imagery. Or even simpler, and sometimes even more effective, are carousel ads, whereby you can feature a range of products in rotation. Carousel ads often return particularly good results for e-commerce businesses. Whatever ad type you choose, it’s important to include clear, concise messaging, with a very strong call to action.

Placement of the ads can be set automatically by Facebook, or you can choose your preferred placements. It is here where analysis of ad performance is essential, as there’s no point showing ads on a platform if the results are poor. Simply remove that placement option in future ads, so you concentrate delivery in the higher performing areas for your brand.

Facebook makes the advertising process fairly intuitive and easy to achieve. However, creating ads and monitoring their performance takes time. Testing which campaigns work best for your company can take even longer. When you are already busy running all the other aspects of your business, having the luxury of extra time is rare.

For this reason, organisations turn to specialist marketing agencies such as WDA for assistance. You can relax while our experienced team members set up your advertising accounts, develop stunning visual assets (videos or still imagery), create compelling content and analyse performance to maximise your investment return.

Let us ensure your automotive Facebook ads are achieving maximum results for minimum cost. Contact our knowledgeable digital marketing experts today to learn how we can help your business optimise your advertising objectives.

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